Simple and FREE.


 LuckyLaps is Racing fun for everyone. It’s based on Tic-Tac-Toe and just as simple to play. It’s FREE,   and you can win CASH and Prizes– Nine ways to win every week. 

Jut choose NINE drivers in the grid. That’s it! Nine drivers, and nine ways to win CASH every race.

(The Eleven Best reasons to play LuckyLaps…)

Download it now and play. If you don’t like it, just delete it from your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch) or Android device, and opt out of the weekly Player Update when you receive it. You won’t hear from us again. But we think you’ll keep playing, because LuckyLaps is fun for every one– serious and casual fans alike.

How do we know?…

Not everyone in our family shared an interest in sports. So the dilemma: how to get others to watch sports with me?  The solution:  create a  simple game to make it all more interesting. It worked so well that lots of other people wanted to play. ( A new idea in sports games was created.)  And with that game, now called LuckyLaps, we’ve been converting all kinds of people into fans.

There’s nothing like LuckyLaps anywhere else…

          • Always Free to play.
          • No drafts. No salary caps.
          • No season-long commitments.
          • No driver selection limits: Choose any drivers  you want for any race. Go with your favorites, anytime.
          • Nine ways to win every Week. One for each Tic-Tac-Toe Pattern plus an Overall Highest Score.
          • Winners get  Cash and Prizes

Just choose nine drivers in a Tic-Tac-Toe style grid and earn points for their performance.  We keep score!  We even keep track of  race progress and major events for you, so it’s  easy to enjoy LuckyLaps even when you’re busy. And There’s a new game every week!

With the LuckyLaps App, you can also:

          • Play for pride directly against 4 friends at once.
          • Share your picks with them before a race starts.
          • Compete directly against any player, any time!
          • Tweet your scores out to others.

LuckyLaps really is fun, but don’t believe us. See what some of our players think…

Download LuckyLaps for iPhone, or Android and make 2014 your best NASCAR season ever. (More platforms coming soon!).

Thanks for downloading and playing LuckyLaps.

The LuckyLaps team.

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